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Unexpected Odyssey: From Merchant Sailor to Hyperbaric Physician

ISBN: 1-930536-09-7
ISBN 13: 978-1-93053-609-8
Pages: 431 - Hardcover
Date Published:
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Author: Eric P. Kindwall, MD
Price: $21.95

Item Description: Entertaining the reader and preserving some exciting bits of the history of hyperbaric medicine are the driving forces behind this fascinating autobiography by Eric Kindwall, MD. From merchant sailor to hyperbaric physician, this narrative contains personal struggles, ambitions, and dreams. A vivid memoir of time in the merchant marine, Yale and Harvard, the CIA, submarine school, and a Polaris nuclear submarine, these hair-raising tales treat the reader to a very unexpected odyssey.

United States Navy Diver - Performance Under Pressure

ISBN: 1930536275
ISBN 13: 9781930536272
Pages: 340
Date Published: 2005
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Author: Mark V. Lonsdale
Price: $31.00

Item Description:
Binding: Hardcover

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With the cooperation of the United States Navy, CHINFO and numerous commands with a diving capability, NAVY DIVER is destined to become the definitive text on US Navy Diving programs today.

Whether recovering debris from an air disaster, searching for explosive ordnance, clearing obstacles on an enemy beach, or changing the twenty-ton screws on an aircraft carrier, navy divers perform difficult tasks under cold, dark hazardous conditions.

This illustrated reference book is the most comprehensive overview of United States Navy Divers available to the public today. An elaborate, oversized, hard-cover book, packed with full-color photos from the highlights of diving history, navy diving equipment, diver training, and organization to the present day global war on terrorism; it deserves a place of honor on your bookshelf!

Although United States Navy Diver; Performance Under Pressure primarily documents navy diving today; the divers, scientists and engineers of the US Navy Diving Program have spent over a century pushing the limits of human endurance and technology to improve both diver safety and operational capabilities. This is their story, their photos and their experiences.

Readers will absorb the text and photographs with a feeling of pride and appreciation for those who have proudly served our nation as Navy Divers.

Through high-quality, full-color images and accompanying text, NAVY DIVER, will highlight every aspect of navy diving, including:
Navy Diving History
Navy Diver Selection & Training
The Experimental Diving Unit
Diving Equipment and Development
Ships Husbandry Divers
Mobile Diving & Salvage Units
Underwater Construction Units
Explosive Ordnance Disposal
Navy Seal Teams & SDVs
US Marine Corps Combat Swimmers
Deep Submergence Rescue

Book Reviews:
"Must have for divers...I have been waiting for this book for years. It has photos I have never seen before of gear and missions I never knew existed. Great pictures and information. Nice job, Mark. Hoo-Yah"
Jens Rubschlager, Tactical Rescue Outfitters

"The UNITED STATES NAVY DIVER is the book that all Navy and military divers have been waiting for. Navy Divers are the unknown and unspoken ones of the military. Brave zulu to Mark and to Best Publishing for the recognition...HOOYAA! This book shows it all, thanks again Mark and Best Publishing."
J.R. Fowler, Naval Diving & Salvage Training Center, Panama City, Florida

Table of Contents:
Evolution of U.S. Navy Diving
Supervisor of Salvage & Diving
U.S. Navy Diver Rates, Ratings and Classifications
U.S. Navy Diving Equipment
U.S. Navy Experimental Diving Unit
Naval Diving & Salvage Training Center
Underwater Ship & Submarine Husbandry
Mobile Diving & Salvage Unit One
Mobile Diving & Salvage Unit Two
Underwater Construction Teams
Explosive Ordnance Disposal
Naval Special Clearance Team One/Marine Mammal Sys
Basic Underwater Demolition
SDV Teams & Navy Divers
U.S. Marine Combatant Divers
U.S. Navy Combat Camera Divers
Deep Submergence & Submarine Rescue
Deep Saturation Diving
Subs, Spooks, & U.S. Navy Divers
The Global War on Terrorism
Into the Future

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United States Navy Diving Manual (on CD-ROM only) Revision 6 - 2008 – CD-ROM Format

ISBN: 1-930536-51-8
ISBN 13: 978-1-93053-651-7
Date Published: 2008 Rivision
Publisher: Availability: Usually ships in 2-4 business days
Author: Naval Sea Systems Command, Supervisor of Diving
Price: $19.95

Item Description:

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From the Foreword: "Revision 6 represents the largest change to diving procedures since 1956..."

The 6th Revision to diving procedures serves as the internationally recognized standard for allowable exposure while breathing compressed air at varying depths.

This new Revision 6 of the United States Navy Diving Manual, released April 2008, represents the culmination of research and empirical validation of the air diving tables contained herein. Included is the Thalmann Algorithm as the basis of a new Air Table. In addition to Thalmann, the efforts of two individuals stand above all others in analyzing and meticulously documenting the end product for this most comprehensive revision to the U.S. Navy Diving Manual in fifty years. Those individuals are Dr. Edward T. Flynn, Captain, MC, USN (Ret.) Office of the Supervisor of Salvage & Diving and Dr. Wayne A. Gerth, Ph.D., of the Naval Experimental Diving Unit.

Future Navy and civilian divers as yet unborn owe these men a debt of gratitude for the inherently safer diving that will result from their untiring labor and razor sharp intellect.

This US Navy Diving Manual is available on CD ROM. It can be viewed on a PC or Mac, or printed directly from the CD in color or black and white. It is designed for your convenience and portability.

Table of Contents
Volume 1: Diving Principles and Policies
Volume 2: Air Diving Operations
Volume 3: Mixed-Gas Surface Supplied Diving Operations
Volume 4: Closed-Circuit and Semiclosed-Circuit Diving Operations
Volume 5: Diving Medicine and Recompression Chamber Operations

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Unpredictable Mistress, The

ISBN: 0-941332-61-6
ISBN 13: 978-0-941332-61-3
Pages: 220 - Hardcover
Date Published:
Publisher: Availability: Usually ships in 2-4 business days
Author: Harris Stewart
Price: $23.50

Item Description: One of the first books to chronicle the exciting career of an oceanographer. This book covers underwater mapping by scuba diving geologists, encounters with killer whales, sharks, and squid, and dredging up manganese nodules from the bottom of the sea. Undersea mountains and deep oceanic trenches are explored, and the unfathomable depths of the federal bureaucracy are successfully plumbed.

Wagner Ulcer Grade Classification for Diabetic Wounds of the Lower Extremity

ISBN: 1-930536-59-3
ISBN 13: 978-1-93053-659-3
Pages: Wall Poster
Date Published:
Publisher: Availability: Usually ships in 2-4 business days
Author: Wagner
Price: $29.00

Item Description: This Wagner Ulcer Grade Classification Poster is a necessity for wound care centers and especially for facilities and institutions that include hyperbaric chambers. The illustrations are highly detailed and easy to comprehend.

The Wagner Ulcer Grade Classification System is used to establish the presence of depth and infection in a wound. More recently this Classification System has been helpful in identifying diabetics with wounds of the lower extremity. The addition by Medicare of a new treatable indication with hyperbaric oxygen therapy of the DIABETIC WOUNDS OF THE LOWER EXTREMITY has brought the Wagner Ulcer Scale into the spotlight.

The poster includes a guide on HYPERBARIC OXYGEN THERAPY and at what point it can be initiated for patients suffering from diabetic wounds of the lower extremities. It offers details on hyperbaric oxygen therapy and which ICD-9-CM codes are acceptable (mainly by CMS/Medicare) for HBO therapy - information comes from the (NCD) National Coverage Determination by Medicare as well as the latest (LCD's) published by numerous Medicare contractors throughout the USA.

Having this poster readily available in the treatment room can give your physicians and practitioners confidence in grading their diabetic wounds of the lower extremity appropriately. The educational value of this poster is tremendous and it also acts as a constant guide for busy practitioners.

The all NEW Wagner Scale Poster is printed on high quality stock and measures at 18" x 24".

Wound Care Practice (Two Volume Set) 2nd Edition

ISBN: 1-930536-38-0
ISBN 13: 978-1-93053-638-8
Pages: 1,312
Date Published: 2007
Publisher: Availability: Usually ships in 2-4 business days
Author: Paul J Sheffield, PhD, Caroline E. Fife, MD
Price: $159.99

Item Description:
Binding: Hardcover

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Chronic wounds are a major cause of patient suffering and a profound financial burden to society. The focus of this long awaited Second Edition is assessment and management of chronic wounds in a Wound Care Practice. Physicians, podiatrists, nurses, enterostomal therapists, physical therapists, occupational therapists and other health care professionals will find in this book the principles of modern, moist, interactive wound care, and the application of advanced therapeutic technologies.

As the complexity of wound management increases, clinicians come to the field from many diverse specialties. This book represents the combined efforts of 65 authors selected from the basic sciences and clinical practice who bring their insights and unique experiences to these two volumes and enhance its value both as an educational text and as an enduring reference. Because of the wealth of knowledge and growth in wound care technology this new Second Edition of the definitive text Wound Care Practice has expanded into two volumes.

Book Review:
"Sheffield and Fife's Second Edition of Wound Care Practice really is a veritable Who's Who in modern wound management. This new two-volume edition covers every aspect of standard of care in wound management as well as addressing ethics and legal medicine pertinent to this sub-specialty. This text would be appropriate for the wound management novice as well as the seasoned veteran. The editors have organized and developed the material in a very instinctive sequence beginning with the very basics of wound physiology and biochemistry, then on to wound management of numerous different etiologies. The second volume addresses more wound management basics including nutrition and pain management, as well as more specialized areas relating to wound management in the elderly and the very young. The chapters are well written and the text is nicely illustrated. Students of wound management will find the review questions at the end of each chapter very helpful when preparing for certification exams. Any individual or wound management center looking for a single reference that is comprehensive and concise will find the Second Edition of Wound Care Practice by Drs. Sheffield and Fife very readable and authoritative."
Stephen Rydzak, MD, F.A.C.P, CWS, Medical Director, East Texas Medical Center - Wound Healing Center

Table of Contents
Preface IX
Primary Contributors

--Section 1. The Problem Wound
Chapter 1-Adrianne P. S. Smith
Etiology of the Problem Wound
Chapter 2-Gloria A. Chin,Gregory S. Schultz, Robert F. Diegelmann, Nasser Chegini
Biochemistry of Wound Healing in Wound Care Practice
--Section 2. Principles of Wound Assessment
Chapter 3-Robert A. Warriner III
Wound Assessment
Chapter 4-Clifford J. Buckley, Shirley D. Lee
Non-invasive and Invasive Evaluations For Lower
Extremity Arterial Occlusive Disease
Chapter 5-Duane A. Dietz, Paul J. Sheffield
Non-Invasive Wound Assessment Tools
Chapter 6-Robert A. Warriner III
Evidence-Based Wound Care
--Section 3. Principles of Wound Management
Chapter 7-Liza Ovington
General Principles of Wound Care
Chapter 8-Gregory R. Weir, Frans J. Cronjé
Ischemia and Hypoxia: The Theraputic Options
Chapter 9-Timothy A. Emhoff, Sherry A. Ferro
Wound Debridement
Chapter 10-Donald M. Greer, Jr., James Martin Smith, David L. McCorvey
Principles of Surgical Wound Management
Chapter 11-John S. Steinberg, Todd A. Derksen
Management of the Problem Post-Operative Wound
Chapter 12-Mellick T. Sykes, Ronald L. Blumoff
Arterial Insufficiency Ulcers
Chapter 13- Fernando Boccalandro
Chronic Critical Limb Ischemia and Limb Salvage
Chapter 14-Patrick N. Kimbrell, Valerie Larson-Lohr
Venous Disease
Chapter 15-Caroline E. Fife
Lymphedema: An Epidemic Hidden in Plain Sight
Chapter 16-Khurram H. Khan, Todd A. Derksen, John S. Steinberg
Diabetic Foot Wounds
Chapter 17-Caroline E. Fife
Pressure Ulcers: Towards a New Understanding of an Old Problem
Chapter 18-Craig L. Broussard
Interventions in Managing Pressure Ulcers
Chapter 19-Clyde Ikeda, J. Benjamin Slade, Jr.
Thermal Injury
Chapter 20-John J. Feldmeier, Michael J. Crotty, Shelley P. Godley
Problem Wounds: The Impact of Radiation Therapy and Chemotherapy
Chapter 21-Herbert B. Newton
Management of Wounds of the Scalp, Skull and Brain
Chapter 22-Clyde O. Hagood, Jr., Judy R. Wilson
Necrotic Wounds Produced by Spider Bites
Chapter 23-Jayesh B. Shah
Approach to Commonly Misdiagnosed Wounds and Unusual Leg Ulcers

Chapter 24-Charles P. Mouton, Wayne A. Fredrick, Robert Parker
Wound Healing in the Geriatric Patient
Chapter 25-Melvin D. Smith
Wound Care in Pediatric Patients
Chapter 26-E. George Wolf, Jr.
Prevention: The Sixth Phase of Wound Healing
--Section 4. Pain, Infection, & Adjunctive Therapies
Chapter 27-Aimee Dennis-Wauters
Nutrition and Hydration
Chapter 28-Charles A. Reasner
Glycemic Control in the Patient with Diabetes
Chapter 29-Randall D. Wolcott
Bio-film Based Wound Care
Chapter 30-Jack L. Le Frock, Jon T. Mader
Skin, Skin Structure, and Muscle Infections
Chapter 31-Jack L. Le Frock
Post-Operative Surgical Site Infections, Non-Necrotizing Skin, and Soft Tissue Infections
Chapter 32-Lynda T. Wells
Acute and Chronic Pain Management
Chapter 33-Diane L. Krasner
Wound Pain Management: A Wound Care Specialist’s Perspective
Chapter 34-Philomena C. Broussard, Elizabeth Ann Pickett
Role of Therapy in Wound Management
Chapter 35-Misty M. Vaughn
Physical Therapeutic Modalities in Wound Healing
Chapter 36-Gordon W. Bosker, Javier La Fontaine
Orthotics and Prosthetics in Wound Care
Chapter 37-Valerie Larson-Lohr, Cynthia A. Fleck
Modern Wound Dressings—Principles, Form and Function
Chapter 38-Caroline E. Fife, Robert A. Warriner
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Applications in Wound Care
Chapter 39-Adrianne P. S. Smith, Thomas M. Bozzuto
Advanced Therapeutics: The Biochemistry and Biophysical Basis of Wound Products
--Section 5. Communication and Trust
Chapter 40-Lena L. Soto, Kimberly M. Sheffield
Comforting the Patient
Chapter 41-Caroline E. Fife
Ethics in Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine
Chapter 42-Harvey Ferguson, Jr., Nicolyn Garza Harris
Legal Aspects of Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine
--Section 6. Healthcare Delivery
Chapter 43-Rudy C. Pruneda, Paul J. Sheffield
Development of a Comprehensive Wound Care Center
Chapter 44-Peggy Nakayama Coe, Jan J. Clark
Infection Control in the Wound Care Setting
Chapter 45-Jeffrey A. Niezgoda
Latex Allergy and Advanced Wound Care
Chapter 46-Edna Patricia Rios, Valerie Larson-Lohr
Documentation: Telling the Story of Care
Chapter 47-Ronald P. Bangasser, Thomas M. Bozzuto
Coding, Charging, Billing and Collecting for Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine Services: Getting Paid for the Work You Do

Zero Visibility

ISBN: ********
ISBN 13: 978-1-930536-35-6
Pages: 126
Date Published: 2007
Publisher: Availability: Usually ships in 2-4 business days
Author: Ed Goodrich
Price: $20.95

Item Description:
Binding: Hardcover

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This new book is an exciting compilation of stories and light hearted personal accounts of deep commercial "mixed-gas" diving in the 1960's and beyond. It is about the divers who experienced and experimented with helium gas and other emerging diving technologies of that era.

Written by a commercial diver that was there, working in deep water construction, offshore oil, and underwater salvage. For the retired divers this book will bring back memories, and for the younger divers, it will hold their interest. A commercial diver's must read!

Book Review:
"Very interesting, very descriptive...stories of working divers - their memories and adventures, a good read"
-Leonard Greenstone, US Navy Salvage Diver, Ret.

Table of Contents
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