History of the Company

Marine Techniques Publishing | Author of the Mariner's Employment GuideJames Laurence Pelletier established Marine Techniques Publishing in March 1983.

Currently residing in Augusta, Maine, (and initially begun as a hobby) the company was formed with the intention of compiling easy to understand and reasonably priced reference books, which would inform potential recruits and current professional commercial marine personnel interested in “straight-talk” about the current broad and opportunity-laden fields of the global maritime shipping industry. Pelletier has published 9-10 editions of his “Mariner’s Employment Guide” and many global marine company directories in the past 25 years, and compile and manufactured these books to be sold at a reasonable price so that any average young man or woman could afford to purchase them.

By 1985 Pelletier had established the “Mariner’s Employment Guide,” which was then called the “Marine Industry Employment Guide,” and had compiled eight commercial marine industry specific company directories and a two volume set, which encompassed all eight directories. The two-volume set has now evolved to the eight-volume set as the information contained has grown with what customers were requesting. The costs of all Marine Techniques Publishing books have not been changed since 1994/1995.

Our directories do not have fancy expensive covers “yet,” but the information within our books is as up-to-date as we can humanly accomplish. Updating and complete revision of our directories is a time consuming process and we realize that by the time a customer purchases one that some of the information might not be relevant any longer; (this industry is constantly changing) at least our customers have not paid hundreds or thousands of dollars for the books and likely had the same results.

MTP also sells/distributes (commercial maritime) books and film media for other publishers, which will save the interested customer money, time and increase success of current professional mariners and increase the chances for new recruits in understanding the industry, and exactly what to expect, thus increasing there chances for success and longevity within these global industries. MTP also sells and distributes titles relating to various commercial marine training areas, such as commercial diving, navigation, marine engineering, remotely operated vehicles, marine company directories, entertaining, historical book titles and DVDs. Check back often, as more titles will be added often.

MTP is a port of call for experienced professional Sea Legs and Sea Lovers alike. Publishing, selling, distribution of books and film media that help people see it for themselves. MTP publishes and sells books for other publishers that are a reliable source of information within your chosen marine field, books and DVD film media that are a delight to read and watch. We invite you to try our books and informative media; we currently have over 100 marine titles listed and many links listed for your assistance in finding the information you are seeking.

Our company’s mission is to be a sanctuary or reliable and truthful information about the many aspects and fields within the maritime industry.

We thank you for your support. As a small press, every purchase is important to us in our effort to continue to bring out and add as many titles each year as possible. Watch this web site for updates on print and film media affecting your chosen marine field.

About the Author

James Laurence Pelletier was born in Augusta, Maine U.S.A. Served in the U.S. Navy from 1965 to 1970 where he was trained as a marine engineer and attached and served aboard the USS Belle Grove LSD-2 and serving two tours of duty in Viet Nam, and the USS Iwo Jima LPH-2 as engineering department administrative assistant for the Apollo 13 recovery and was given an honorable discharge. Pelletier holds three six-year enlistment honorable discharges from the U.S. Navy and U.S. Naval Reserves and has served on numerous other U.S. Navy vessels and also served at Commander-In-Chief of Naval Forces Europe in London, England, United Kingdom, and numerous Naval Training Commands.

His civilian employment began in Los Angeles, California’s Traffic Department, freight claims division of the Union Pacific Railroad Company. He was quickly advanced within to transportation operation departments and was promoted to land lease agent for the Industrial Land Development Department in the Los Angeles area. He was later hired by the Santa Fe Railroad Company as Operations Department Assistant Yardmaster for the entire Los Angeles Harbor district and held numerous other positions while with the Santa Fe Railroad Company in Los Angeles, California area.

In addition to his employment responsibilities, Pelletier pursued his academic interests in transportation, accounting and engineering. After completion of his studies at Mount San Antonio College and the California State University, Pelletier was given the opportunity, and accepted, a transfer to the Santa Fe Railroads' Freight Rate Accounting Department, Traffic Management Branch, Topeka, Kansas, where he received specialized training in freight rate structures, and assumed his position as Chief Administrator of uncollected accounts and supervision of the departments 217 personnel. Pelletier was later given the opportunity, and accepted, a transfer to Traffic Management Department as a Freight Rate Analyst.

After having spent over 18 years employed with the Railroads Pelletier returned to sea, to seek new career opportunities as a Licensed Marine Engineer and U.S. Merchant Marine Staff Officer, and has sailed aboard numerous U.S. Merchant vessels, such as, VLCC (very large crude carrier tanker) vessels, container ships, LNG tankers, dry bulk cargo vessels, fiber optic cable laying & repair vessels, LASH (lighter aboard ship) vessels, offshore oil support vessels, and more, in his 20 plus years of being involved in the commercial marine industry.


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